SinoFish is pleased to sell maxel reels in North America.

SinoFish is pleased to be able to provide you with information on Maxel products via the Internet. 

Please review the 2006-2007 catalog for products and contact us for further information on becoming a distributor or wholesaler.   Limited evaluation samples are available for qualified companies.   To place an order for a sample, you can use the Print-Fax-Send form along with your personal and company information. 

We are able to customize Maxel reels in different sizes, features and with your logo.   If your company is considering Maxel reels as an OEM supplier, please contact us  for pricing info.

Until we setup the distribution chain, we will be providing dealers and selected customers with Maxel product samples.   Once the distribution chain is setup, we will only sell to distributors, wholesalers and OEM customers.